Breaking Normal

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Breaking Normal

Protect normal birth and you will not need this page . .

Where is it safer to birth? At home .. ..

and away from all who do not practice wisdom birthing – that is wisdoms that have got us as a race to here – midwives!!!!

Please do not miss the window of healthy life – the very beginning . . .

The Human Microbiome.

It is that simple!!!

For more, Dads – please purchase the easy safe practical and set out for dads to win manual What Dads Can Do – as you can make all the difference through your conscious and heart-felt actions all through pregnancy, birthing and the rest of your lives together.

The complete kit, Birthing – What Dads Can Do, is an even better idea as there are two DVDs in this – one just for pre-birthing tips.

Be present and work with relating and be the man you need to be – as she needs you to be.

It is very easy to break normal – just go with the current medicalised flow – as retail medicine gets you to scan (just because  even though there is evidence to show it is far too dangerous and does not give better outcomes) and to follow all the men say to do – yet women have been birthing forever. Well women – and if she was not – then why not? Leading into pregnancy there is a way to win – and that is not to get ‘helpers to assist – but let nature be your guide.

All the way – as if something is not perfect – then make it so – do not watchfully wait – but find someone who can help the blueprint again.