Growing Up

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Growing Up

Dads matter.

Especially initially for mum, who needs so much moire support to be able to give to baby and heal and grow into her own new roles.

It is a time of great change – where the sift from being ‘free’ to being responsible in a way you may never have experienced is happening.

Think back to how you saw your dad – and be even more of the role model who was always there, always stable and always lovingly conscientious. Dads in children’s lives are foundations for stable futures.

Children will give you so much more than you feel you have had to give within yourself – enjoy. Binding closely to mum and baby will ensure life is easy. Please find yourself a copy of What Dads Can Do as there is so much that you can change in the pregnancy, before hand s, in birthing and all through the rest of your life by following a different medical model and common sense – all found in this practical easy to use ‘glove box manual’ style step by step guide to handling a woman’s body with loving grace.

Children need dads.

Mums need dads to show up and be there and conscious parenting matters.

Perhaps investigate Dr. Gabor Mate on Attachment and Conscious Parenting.

Optimal environment – tribal and natural – attachment relationships – parents to the village.