Life Is About To Change (Forever)

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Life Is About To Change (Forever)

Being a parent is now the entire focus of your life.

Living for another.

Past ‘growing up’ it is about you being in charge as ultimately whatever happens is your responsibility – and never ever will you have felt so emotionally tied into a process – or possibly so vulnerable. How to negotiate your way through? Ask for help – not from ‘experts’ self proclaimed in their jobs – but from the elders in your family – as they negotiated these very processes in their youth – and they were then guided by the aunties and the grandparents – and that worked.

Hopefully you and baby will be primally bonded, so it is an automatic mammalian response – not something you can drop in and out of – as baby for survival needs you to be there. Baby has been aware and alert and bonded to all around him/her – and this means when you look at those who are taken from where they were to be and transplanted into another family – you can see the forever wound and what it causes in all of their lives. So too – with your own baby you will bring home – babies remember everything within them – so why let anyone upset your precious newborn?

This means the birth is not ‘your’ or ‘her’ birth – but baby’s first entry into the outside world – and where baby’s personality and the very ways s/he will function forever are shaped. This makes choices you make in pregnancy and for birth, and immediately after so vitally important. Birthing their future . .. is not a crisis or an ailment – it is life at its optimal.

It also means that as you are the ones to raise this child,and listening to fear based new ideas from apparently scientific sources may need to be seen through a set of intelligent filters. Baby needs love and happy hormones surrounding their every minute.

Ask yourself – ‘what happens if I wait instead of doing what seems wrong/counter intuitive and not what nature wanted? Why not make mum happier/more at peace?

Your taking charge and leaving the maternal mysteries to unfold as they always did will stop most of then unnecessary interventions that have crept in due to various policies in even the past 10 years.

Research – everything that was not part of the maternal picture 100 years ago.. .

As an example – what you think is normal and indeed entertaining – is it even safe? Is it necessary to scan baby? No – in fact there is plenty of evidence to say it has worsened outcomes and definitely harms baby.

Is there enough evidence to say vaccinating – at least at birth – before baby’s immune system has been formed – to be safe – or even effective? There is none – so your starting a process of thinking for yourself is the most important aspect of ‘growing up’ that you need to do – as you are the responsible one now – not hand it over and blame should this now out in your favour – and so much that is happening in obstetric care is actually AGAINST all evidence. .  so please – become an active, not a passive participant in all things.