Primal Bonding

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Primal Bonding

Please look to what you think a ‘safe’ birth is . .

I believe it is when mum and bub are bonded as mammals. As nature intended. With hormones. Undisturbed by any external manipulating.

Birthing perfection. Falling in love with each other. No ‘what if’s’.

How a baby is born affects all life for that child, and that couple forever.

Would you leave it to those who are not living in your lives to do as they will?
is there a more conscious way? Many find their own answers.

Here I hope that you open your eyes to what else and why you might not take the road most travelled – as your duty of care is to your children – not the prevalent mind set of the ‘best practice’ of the modern medical dictates – as they have not stood the test of time – mammalian undisturbed birth got us all to here – we are the survivors of people thinking and acting independently.

How do you want to be meeting the most important little person you will ever be bonded to?Fathers, the engrossing first moments – in fear and distress?

Your choice… Who do you listen to?
The possibly ‘it might go wrong’s’ or the ‘of course it will just pop out’s”?

Here is a selection of what can be found on the net without too much trouble – and before you judge the concept of birthing at home (it is actually vastly safer than a hospital birth for ‘low risk’ pregnancies, which yours most likely is) and discount it – perhaps read one dad’s account. Secrets of a home birth dad are equally secrets of a bonded dad.

Life is about relating – not waiting for things to go pear shaped.

Breastfeeding and ‘the long haul’

Though this man went through four births before they got it right. This is a pertinent question – as few ask about what you want next.
Just work on fears of what you have no idea about.
Birthing is the instant your baby gets to be imprinted for life – and the violence and the horror that sometimes awaits – and all the noises and the pain and the messing with nature does not have to happen – if you work out that women are meant to birth easily and whatever you can do to enhance her life so she gets this is the biggest gift you can give your baby, baby’s mum and yourself – as happy families are made by what you choose not react to do – each minute.

The relating that happens – and the quality for all that you put in determines all that follows.

Refer to 5 jobs for dad to do at birth

I would add – be her advocate – and her epidural – easy – follow all that has worked for others that is in the safe, practical, easy to follow ‘glove box manual’ style handbook – in What Dads Can Do and in these instantly downloadable books. This work has been developed over 35 years and is the distillation of one woman’s life work in helping binding at birth – for the mum and dad to go into being a family together.

Please – get the eBook package and become involved – it is your baby and your life.