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Upset Mum = Upset Baby

Nourishing a peaceful pregnancy will give you a happier life after birth, a calmer baby and a joyful maternity.

Baby humans are incredibly sensitive and vulnerable. Like all animals they pick up vibrations.

They have not been turned off to their inner listening yet.
What you feel is what they experience – and with no understanding of the ‘why’

So it may be a great idea to find a way to undo your tension and stress leading up to pregnancy so you can undo yourself, not hold onto what bothers you – as soon you will be sharing all to you feel with your baby and baby may not know how to deal with it all.

This means all the stress inflicted on you through worrying about what has not/probably will ever happen to you does not need to be downloaded to you.

What do I mean?
All the horror stories others share.
The medical possibilities that are so unlikely – if you follow nature and look after yourself in pregnancy – not continue living your busy life.

See how stress affects baby in utero here. See what you can do to help yourself here.