Neurological Corruption

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Neurological Corruption

Unfortunately the focus on ‘health care’ is not where you might expect – growing remarkably robust, sturdy, resilient babies who are never ill – as their grandparents were. Possibly if we treated babies more as farming stock – they would do get better care – as would their mums. As it is a fee for service model, what is the pay-off for excellence? This is an infrequently asked question – and one you as a parent may get stuck in.

Vaccination has various side effects – the most devastating is that it corrupts the baby’s body for life and all this under the guise of ‘protection’. Perhaps start here or here and see for yourself – at least make an informed choice. What happens if you do not is you try to fix what should never have ever been thought to break – your baby’s brain and ability to function at its potential. Perhaps even start asking pertinent question of the medical profession who are so concerned about your baby being potentially ‘collateral damage – for the ‘Common Good’.

This is actually what breast feeding and natural birthing and being really diligent about prenatal care for BOTH parents so they make the best baby possible is all about.

If you have come here now with upset baby in arms, do not despair – throw out all you thought you knew and go back to what has worked up till a few hundred years ago – baby looked after by mum and in a simple plain life following the sun – that is sleeping a lot, eating plenty of greens and fat and being quietly confident that the body and life will provide – not people with chemicals and getting paid to do stuff to either of you.