The care and feeding of a pregnancy and new life

Bodies work well when given the right ingredients. Good plain food, nutrients galore, a simple life close to nature – the sun, the wind, the sky, fresh air and living in natural rhythms. Almost all body and pregnancy problems are directly related to insufficiency of these basic body requirements.

If any potential problem is flagged – using medicine you get more worry, more testing and more professional visits.
Why not run the body the way it was meant to be?
The way humans (As all mammals left alone) have before the last 30 years – when pregnancy unfolded naturally?

  • More good food,
  • quality rest,
  • clean water,
  • healthy outside productive exercise,
  • getting in touch with what makes your heart sing,
  • and less reading /listening to what others say, is.

More of what women have always done until now lived simply, and looked after themselves as they used to be said to be in a ‘delicate condition’.

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Hyperemisis – or any nausea and vomiting in pregnancy . .


Almost none of what you will read here on this app/ site is mentioned in any pregnancy information within mainstream obstetrics. Almost none of it will be known, let shared by those you pay to assist you. BUT almost all of it was assumed knowledge before the push for medical interventions, and modern testing, and monitoring in pregnancy and exposing the soon-to-be-parents to all the things that may ‘go wrong’ as though they will go wrong without more visits and tests to see if it has.

Almost everything that is now ‘best practice’ in obstetrics is not based on research findings, or what has always worked before, or the hoped for outcome of a happy mother and a bonded baby but a system of servicing that those making money all agree to do.


What babies need

Babies need a happy, healthy mum who believes in herself and her body.

She needs loving and supportive encouragement to follow her instincts, not have to try to protect baby from those who want to do things to him/her.

Pregnant women do not need rules or protocols to stick within to have babies – they just need loving support at all points; they need to stop and be mums-to-be; becoming less involved into the outside world, and returning to listening to themselves and their babies.

This may not appear to be advice that they want, but disengaging in the world of commerce and business, being busy, but starting to nest within self pays huge profits when baby arrives.  Less stress, less rush and more time to be yourself will possibly mean less income – but you do not need to pay specialists to reverse a natural process.

You do not need helpers who worry you in pregnancy, who know nothing of relevance, and who worry you incessantly.

 What you need

To stop and listen to your body, as it is getting ready to listen to your baby.

To avoid the epidemic of post natal depression and worse, mastitis, inability to breast feed, or to even love being a new mum – the steps are easy – and all shown in the Pregnancy App and the manual ‘What Dads Can Do’, the two DVDs as part of this package, the accompanying eBooks and all information available on all my sites.

Life changes could, and should have happened back to sensible, simple and natural expression in eating, sleeping and what we choose to do with ourselves, especially what we plan for our children.

Are choices made to ensure bonding and hormonal primal instincts are intact at birth?

Are choices made to ensure baby is made as well as possible?

Are babies respected at every step of the way in pregnancy and in birthing?.

Are mums supported when they want to live nature and baby alone to do it their way?

The answers to all of these questions are now negative. It does make money to ensure women keep in paying for what really used to be common sense and common knowledge – and maybe even worked better than the new versions. This may place undue stress on the pregnancy, as mum tries to be ‘good’ whilst ignoring her gut, where all along the way she knows what is happening is not following nature, the instincts, and what she just knows baby needs.

The key person in modern obstetrics is no longer the baby, is rarely the mother and almost always the medical professional – whose job is seen to need protecting.

You may see this as being controversial.

Did you ever wonder why women had so many children and the medical resources were not tied up in servicing them – when there was little food and no spare cash – women just birthed on the kitchen table, or wherever, and got on with life.

Babies are the most precious resource we have. They sometimes seem to be treated as though they are a commodity to be preyed on – all seem to see you coming, and wish to spend more of your money – there are books, gadgets, everything to choose to apparently make life with baby easier.

You can change this

What was known in times past is see as being ‘unscientific’ or ‘old fashioned’.

It also used to work, and still would if we returned to nature.


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It is your body, your baby and your life