Unhappy Baby Tummy

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Unhappy Baby Tummy

This is not likely a medical issue but a life one – you need life affirming answers.

Hopefully you are reading this prior to birthing baby – as this is a quesion that needs answering . .

Perhaps start with what all babies should have been gifted – real helpers in their gut to assist with digestion – hence life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DTrENdWvvM#t=305 This is an amazing presentation (animated) of the origins of life – the microbiome in your gut and why it is SOOOO important to not have antibiotics (anti life) in the baby or mum)

What supports optimal functioning may not be found at the usual breakdown service (mainstream medicine). There are so many things that may have happened to upset your fragile newborn on all levels.

So you may have inadvertently broken your baby . . How to fix this? Good question. Maybe life just did not start up well. With all the interference now in pregnancy and birthing this is not surprising.

Many reasons a baby can be upset. Perhaps start the habit of conscious touch –  massaging baby every day – clothes off, full body touching – with a good oil – this may be all you need to settle your wonderful baby.

Most likely is that baby’s gut is upset. Why?

1. Physical

The nerves leading to the digestive organs are stressed as the spinal area is upset.
Often a quick visit to the local chiropractor or osteopath uncovers something so easy, so gently, that you can not believe the difference.

Just how the structure sits determines body function. Often natural birthing, which allows the body to wake up and be here, has not happened – so baby is in a limbo.

2. Neurological frazzling

Addition of chemicals that are toxic and never intended – that may cause neurological over-load and corrupt the not yet turned on immune system. Can be through drugs given to mum in labour or through overzealous scanning or, of course, the addition of all the ingredients allowed in modern vaccines – and to newborns with no safety studies done.

Perhaps delay all chemicals anywhere near baby till s/he is old enough to be able to process them, and do what was always intended:
– breastfeed, looked after only by mum in her own quiet environment, after an uninterrupted natural birth.

Didn’t happen?
Watch this experienced midwife and her encouraging words and demos. Breast is always best.

3. Upset Gut

Mum may be eating foods that are not digested easily and are creating havoc with babies gut – or mum may have elected to feed baby with breast milk substitutes.
Baby may not have been allowed cholostrum or mum and /or
Baby have been given anti life ingredients – to shut down the biosphere that should be within all of us – meaning antibiotics stop normal digestion and how then is baby to support its own life?

What to do? Keep breastfeeding.

Why breastfeeding is life affirming/ vitally important

Start taking a good gut flora enhancer, avoid all sugars, fruits and cereals – that turn to sugar in the body, see a family orientated natural therapist to return your gut to where optimal life support is possible. Watch anything from nourishing traditions and buy these life affirming books.

4. Stressed

Perhaps mum is stressed/has not rested or looked after her own needs first and is not totally present to be all she could be for baby.

Be rest assured that this is all easily remedied – with a simple, natural approach to life.