Unsettled Baby

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Listening to what baby is saying
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Unsettled Baby

Baby is aware – since well before birth.

Baby has been conscious and is well aware of all that has been happening/all the trauma that you may have experience – and all of the good times – so why not start making great memories as templates for baby to respond to when out of your belly? Singing, music, all sorts of auditory memories o store up and play back well before birth. There are so many more senses and no other input to consider in utero.

Delayed cord clamping – to give baby the best start possible – pictorial

Baby needs mum/loving touch on all levels – all the time.

Baby needs to be safe – and that is mum again.

Then there is ‘the hold’
This may help
(Minus ‘the shots’)
Listen up – he c=has not been – see Priscilla Duncan’s work above and here

Is mum happy? That is the leading question – for all small children not just babies they reflect where mum is at. If baby is in ‘childcare’ then how can baby be growing as  a mammal as nature intended?

If doubtful, read anything by Dr David Chamberlain then perhaps adjust what you think birthing and being a mum are about accordingly. It is profound to think that you may have been seduced to think it is all about you – i.e. ‘your’ birth – as you actually had yours decades ago – it is now all about your baby.

Pain and your baby – a must read .. forgotten person in all the decisions made in pregnancy = how will this help baby? If there is no answers – esp around the convenience for the hospital and staff – and mum – don’t do it – as nature is the one looking after baby!!

And if it was not all about the gentlest most natural beginnings then it is quite possible that baby IS unsettled.

That you feel guilty – and responsible. . . YOU ARE – you are mum.

A baby’s job is to grow and mature.
Perhaps watch this footage first – Nourishing Our Children.

The environment all plays a part  .. Health Start – Healthy Life

A gentle start will always be the best foundation. Begin before birth. Protection, support, nourishment, love are all from mum and dad.

Perhaps do not train baby to ‘cry it out’ – see why here

You may have worked out that if baby is not happy – no one is. Babies ideally waken, eat, grow and go back to sleep, with elimination in between. Their bodies are brand new and should work perfectly.

What may interrupt the perfection that is possible?

Baby may be upset about something and the only way baby can communicate this by voice – and whilst you can not feel what is upsetting baby – please know that baby does not cry for no reason. Perhaps we need to ask – ‘Did we break him/her?’

This next section may not be pretty, and may upset you – but if you have a crying baby who just is miserable all the time, if it is you with a screaming baby who seems inconsolable, going to a GP or a mainstream medical profession and getting a ‘clean bill of health’ except the screaming keeps going – you do need to know what to do . .

Perhaps go back in time to when people had many children and few resources.

You may be reeling after the addition of one small person into your life. You may wonder, ‘How did everyone cope?’

Please go to the top of the page – find out what baby is saying
Instant peace for baby – then you can calm down too

Perhaps ask your grandparents how things were when they were young. You may find that everyone had a routine, everyone knew what was coming next in life and all fitted in to the rhythm of life. Nothing was assumed, health was to be guarded, and all was done to ensure vulnerable children were given all respect that was needed to blossom.

Childhood diseases came and went and seemed to strike randomly. Often with minimal disruption, if good sanitation and nutrition was available.

A general pattern emerged of how all grew, large families showed the older ones how it was for them when younger as they watched their siblings, and as the younger ones matured, they saw their older family members replicating what their own parents did to/with them.

Everyone followed what had always worked.

We live in a different life now

What was simple, what was assured then (clean air, water, soil) are not so now.

Unfortunately regardess of our best efforts, babies emerge full of toxic chemicals that they picked up within mum. She picked them up just from being here; not maliciously and mostly not through choice. At least 200 chemicals – all picked up through living in our modern environment. Perhaps we need to be more conscious, especially before and during making babies?

How can you get rid of these or the likelihood that these will disturb your perfect new loved ones’ health and development? Avoid all foreign bodies and foods before, whilst and after pregnancy (babies now come out pre polluted) and definitely be as pure with your choices for all things as you can be. Take out what is already lurking, lying in wait for your baby. Whilst pregnant and simply – then do not add to the toxic mess willingly. Guard your baby’s purity.

What to do when things are not as you had intended?

Perhaps ask those who have done it so many times before, based in their traditional wisdom handed down through the generations, from the past survivors of all life can throw at them and thus us. Perhaps invest in this guide to natural and effective feeding and care of your infant – before conception for the rest of their enhanced lives.

If you do, there is not much to go wrong, meaning that the baby you have a bundle of delight to play with in your house, If this does not sound like your baby currently, perhaps start down the checklist to what it may be, by reading how perfect happens. It is not luck, or good genes. Return the programme to joyous.

(So you are not out of your mind with concern, worry and sleeplessness).

Whilst it may upset you after the event, hopefully you took the time to look through this section as a preventative measure, as a lot of baby breaking and baby/mum bond disruption is really easy to avoid – just follow the template. Go back to nature. Perhaps become an advocate for unfolding baby as s/he should – away from all medical micromanaging. Baby grew within you without help – maybe nature also knows how to also grow resilient, healthy children – if given the raw ingredients of good food, water and air needed; sprinkled with loving attention and realistic boundaries, as a container to grow within?

1) – Start with the best ingredients possible

2) – Build the best environment to nurture the budding parents

3) – Nature has to unfold perfectly – pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, easy maternity

4) – SAFE = all support to ensure that the mum – baby bond is as intact as absolutely possible

5) – Baby totally under the care of mum – as mammals that is what we do, all we want to do and all that is needed


Everything is changeable – you can fix it

Please don’t keep doing/acting/being the same, and expect what you get to change.

You may need to be the change you want to see first.
Breast feeding help?
Start with this site . .

Feeding baby – if needing extra to breast milk . . and if not – Nourishing Foods for Babies. (Preconception, pregnancy and nursing diet for mum.)

Remember – any chemicals were added in the making of your baby – or in her/his entry to the outside world – all those drugs and invasive tests then baby could well do with cleaning out of what is a neurological insult and at least an irritant and outright poison. These can be simply, easily and safely removed at any stage – but of course why add them as though it were safe to have messing with perfection in the first place?

Welcome Baby kit?

Needed by all – a great Baby Shower gift

Welcome Baby lid   


Now also has – The Golden Month – by Jenny Allison – a look at how communities have always supported world wide new mothers



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