Structural Misalignment

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Structural Misalignment

Structure determines function.

There is often no ‘medical’ issue.
There may be definitely a quality of life one though.

The local medial specialist has their place – as a breakdown service, possibly crisis management service. For health care and quality of life information – I suggest that you seek a specialist who deals with wellness – not illness. Especially with babies – you do not need a labeled condition to be ‘fixed’ – just to tweak what is not quite right.

So much of what happens to babies is actually not in baby’s best interests, and there is no evidence to say that almost all testing/scanning and interventions – and parents are left trying to cope with what their parents never saw when raising them.

Internet forums may not be the best source of assistance – so much as a wise woman who has been down that path before – and this then means your female relations – preferably your mum’s mother’s generation.

Some find visiting health care professionals to be the way to manage the little, non medical (and often severe medical) issues – as the return to blueprint – the template encoded within us all – often needs assistance.

In the case of a screaming projectile vomiting, colicky or otherwise unsettled baby – just that the body is not as comfortable as it should be. Seeing a GP will not be the answer. Baby massage – at least extra touching and soothing sweeps of body may help – but getting baby checked out by a body specialist – an osteopath or chiropractor – is the first sensible option.

This may have happened in rough handling or non-optimal birthing, and is so easily put right – visit a chiropractor.