Baby’s Gestational / Birth Trauma

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Understanding baby’s gestational and or birth trauma

Babies feel everything that mum does – and have their own unique ‘take’ on traumas. All may forget that the moment of beginning independent breathing is a peak experience – one that baby needs all his/her blood from the cord and placenta back in his/her body to breathe with. OOOPPPS!!!! Stem cell research can wait – your baby needs his/her breathing blood back to use at the first breath  . and from then on, to live well – far less trauma if this is a seamless progression.  Baby trauma seems only a recent thought. We are all conscious and carry what has upset us in our tissue memories.

Maybe investigate what nature would expect of you and then possibly not messing with this – in effect breaking baby – means you do not then need to try to calm baby own . .and also not try to undo the damage wrought through interventions that are modern medical fads in the pursuit of safety’ as the safest birth is at hie with a friendly midwife and with great support from the household, the culture and of course – great maternal nutrition and maternal health

Whilst the modern world seems to allow mum to spend pregnancy at the beck and call of medical specialists – but once baby is born she loses out as there is no more ‘care;  to give – and she may find that now is when the troubles start – not cente of attention and the baby is not special she feels and what she does and does not want and whilst the medicialised birthing – not allowing mammalian responses and nature to have her way – can lead to a traumatised baby – and know is paying attention? Mum may also be very upset – and this cycle feeds into itself, escalating often. What to do? Work out what sort of mothering and binding experience you want and let Nature and a simple life and appropriate (not fear based) ante natal care and give you the peace of mind, and the attention to great nutrition and natural health care needed to sustain an easy pregnancy into an easy birth and transition in to being a happy mum with a content baby.

Babies are aware – inside mum – well before medicine even respects baby as a soul infused being.

Avoidance . .. do not break your baby .. .

Fetal ultrasounds – are they in fact safe?
Do they help at all?

Why might you miss doing this?

Are they helping create autistic tendencies in children?

Perhaps more information is needed prior to jumping in – just to find out things that your mum probably never knew – and baby will be far better off your not knowing  .

Cord clamping . . .

What if baby (even yourself) actually remember birthing?

Gentler, more considerate treatment of this crucial switch over time in a person’s life.

What happens if baby / baby – mum bond is broken?

Maybe we all need to heal our own birth trauma?

Perhaps this is read before birthing – please be aware that there is so much that you can do to avoid birth trauma. . .and becoming conscious and becoming your baby’s advocate, not believing what you are told may be the most important step you ever take as a parent . .

Cord blood versus baby getting his/her own breathing blood back to live well with.

And again . .
Baby and often mum become distressed without knowing why – with no ‘reason’ that the medical focus on being a breakdown service can discern, and with no quick ‘fix-it’ tool in the tool box, all can unravel, instead of weaving a domestic tapestry of harmony and contentment.

Birth Trauma / Early Life Trauma

Do you really think the second hand experience of the epidural is safe for your baby?

Why not allow the natural flood of bonding hormones to hit baby as designed to?

Birth trauma – is there a blue mark/line across baby’s bridge of nose? Or a red line or mark up the forehead? (Often parents do not see this as the baby has always had this).

Easiest thing to work with – If baby’s gut is not happy – no one is, so a check list past the obvious could include – does baby’s body feel good? (Go to a chiropractor/osteopath to check).

Maybe not dropped but for whatever reason, baby is not aligned well. Then there is straight mineral, vitamin, sun, protein, fat, water, rest, love (no hormones), loving touch deficiency.

Placental trauma. Loss of cord blood, less than respectful birthing practice as at the most crucial time of life. Separation of baby/mum. Mum not present to mother and baby for whatever reason. Hormones missing.

Circumcision and other after birth (including actual birthing procedures) pain – babies feel and possibly more intensely than adults.