Kidney Yin Xu

Kidney Yin

This is also seen as the fluids, the basis for the bones and the organs and all the hormones to work. A life well moderated allows the Jing to express, so life is easy. Having great sperm and egg quality comes into this category.

Having enough Yin keeps one cool, nourished, rested and at peace, all that wastes this is best avoided. Plenty of pure water needs to be consumed all day. When Kidney Yin is depleted, heat starts showing up (see Inner Heat/Hot Blood).
When exhausted, aging happens faster – see Jing Depletion.


Kidney Yin Xu

All the body is under fire and ages /deteriorates much faster. May be shown as the teeth, hair, mind and eggs (AMH is just a label of where you are currently at) /fertility decreasing.Dryness and heat problems emerge.

As the heat will be there as a consequence, it shows in the complexion – often as Roseacea (with Stomach Yin heat) and/or a general reddening of all upper body – face, bloodshot eyes and a heat that is often emotionally explosive, along with headaches and migraines intensifying with lack of fluids/exposure to chemicals that would need the water to dilute them.

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