This site was originally put up to support my natural problem solving apps. These are being remodeled. I aim to enlighten and empower you – as you live in your body.


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 “WHY”? is being answered.
This may be a new experience for you.
The material comes from my decades of  being in service to those who find that the standard answers – are not helping – they (as you to be here) want more. My ceaseless studying, teaching and using acupuncture (and all natural ways in a modern setting) to assist others who come in with problems that nothing else (so far) has shifted.

You may find her – information not found/known by others.

If you wish to help yourself – do take a look around

This site carries hugely inspirational and empowering resources. Links, may be no loner current – do let me know so I cam attend to. Most body problems – are approached from a simple, natural perspective. You can be your own pathway to instant problem solving.

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You may wish to consult with me – there are many ways . .

What do I do? Provide guidance – as a holistic multi modality body/soul aligner.

Online when you are elsewhere.
Incorporating Maya and Mercier work within my own The Gentling Way

Whenever nothing else seems to have ‘worked – maybe try melding many modalities (over 40 years practical clinical brilliance) onto your challenges. Or talk with me about an online Zoom consult.

I am NO LONGER in clinic in Brisbane or in AUSTRALIA


BUT – I have been teaching internationally – some of my graduates may be in your country . . If you wish to follow LIFE and what your body needs.. If you would like some assistance – I am available . .

How this site is set up . .

Healthy Life

  1. What drives your engine and how it optimally works.
  2. This section covers all the aspects of self – mostly from the energy framework from the acupuncture model.
  3. Here you understand what drives your physical body – the energy instructions – how when these work well, so your body can operate smoothly.

Self care

This is about how to look after yourself – here we have a complete self help ‘glove box’ manual – especially useful if you are having current (or past or even thinking of it) acupuncture treatment and want to know how your body needs it – or may heal itself with this help). Included is much elder wisdom from many cultural traditions.

Unhealthy Imbalances

Mainly explains the raft of complaints that befall all of us when we live ‘fast and loose’ – away from what we know works best. Going back to living within natural constraints and following what has always worked is the easiest way to heal.

Life Problems

Covers your life lived – but not undone. Explaining how any life residue inters with how bodies are designed to work. Carrying trauma and shock retained, and what this does over time – and how you may resolve this for health and happiness.


Takes you to many of my diverse sites.

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Please reach out . . especially when nothing else (so far) has worked’


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