Heart – Uterus Link Upset

This disconnection is often why we feel lost.
In losing a baby, a loved one, a pregnancy, asense o fhopeless ness an

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A huge connection .. Look to the other components of this section of this site. When we are heart broken – nothing works, and nothing else seems to matter but getting free of this. You can be . .We can work to undo the STUCK that is stored in our bodies and in our hearts.

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Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things. Gentling Way practitioners are excellent at the total all over approach – and involve you in the self care needed to heal.




The Bao Mai is the channel/vessel, which connects our essential two hearts: one in the Heart 4th chakra, the Heart, and one in the Sacral 2nd chakra. Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai.

We may have a Bao Mai blockage when:

  • feelings of disconnection from Spirit/Divine Source, self, and others
  • shock, emotional pain and numbness in the sexual and emotional centre
  • a loss of knowing of your own wholeness, causing co-dependency in relationships
  • unresolved emotional residue and feelings of betrayal and abandonment
  • disappointment in self or others
  • inability to connect sexually and lovingly
  • disconnection from creativity

We need to

  •  restore our heart connection to our creative womb centre, bringing support to reconnect to the Heart of Love.
  • bring spiritual comfort, assistance and healing for unresolved issues of separation from Self and Divine Source

If possible please reach out to Kaliana of Rose of Raphael remedies – she can see you on Zoom for a consultation. Her remedies specifically address these challenges. I have worked with her over the past 20 years to focus in on the many problems I saw no remedies specifically targeting. This range of birthing and undoing trauma gentle vibrationary tools are a central part in my Gentling Way and all practitioners use them as part of their extensive tool kit.

If you are a practitioner – PLEASE get the beginner’s pack.

The entire range will be well used in helping others release what is STUCK within.

A brilliant selection Kaliana and I have designed to assist YOU and those you assist in clinic.