Heart – Uterus Link Upset

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A huge connection .. Look to the other components of this section of this site. The media is starting to pick up the studies that all knew in their own hearts anyway – when we are heart broken – nothing works, and nothing else seems to matter but getting free of this.

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Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things. Gentling Way practitioners are excellent at the total all over approach – and involve you in the self care needed to heal.




The Bao Mai is the channel/vessel, which connects our essential two hearts: one in the Heart 4th chakra, the Heart, and one in the Sacral 2nd chakra. Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai.

This combination of 26 vibrational essences work together to offer healing for the effects of a Bao Mai blockage:

  • feelings of disconnection from Spirit/Divine Source, self, and others
  • shock, emotional pain and numbness in the sexual and emotional centre
  • a loss of knowing of your own wholeness, causing co-dependency in relationships
  • unresolved emotional residue and feelings of betrayal and abandonment
  • disappointment in self or others
  • inability to connect sexually and lovingly
  • disconnection from creativity

This combination of essences are beneficial in:

  • assisting both men and women to restore their heart connection to their creative womb centre, bringing support to reconnect to the Heart of Love.
  • bringing spiritual comfort, assistance and healing for unresolved issues of separation from Self and Divine Source