Early life trauma


The younger a dislocation in safety/comfort happens, the more likely a life long change in who that person could have been. This work is being shown in lots of studies now, but most parents know that shocks in utero, or soon after birth negatively affect infants – forever. One of my teachers – the late Dr John Shen had this to say . . Affects of Heart Shock all through life.

This often shows up as feeding and sleeping problems in infants and the mother’s mental and emotion and often physical distress – often forever. I have found the use of vibrational remedies to be wonderful and some specially made for the removal of birth trauma – for all involved and one for welcoming in a newborn – most helpful.

Early shock/incidents that frighten may set up a group of inner rules by which the individual lives through and this cage of beliefs may severely hinder them in living life to the fullest. To this purpose, this free meditation  and the meditation pages here have been devised. (Free download – 2 guided tracks to undo yourself in).

When your life energies flowing as designed, the joy opening in your heart and the juices flowing all through will make being you a much more pleasant experience. Maybe find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things. Holistic natural care practitioners are excellent at the total all over approach – and involve you in the self care needed to heal. Maybe read this book?

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