Best way possible to keep the Qi and the Blood flowing – as designed.

Just walking will help .

Look to Stuck Liver Qi – how to avoid this, feel wonderful and have a longer, happier life.
Move your body – all day.
Your body was designed to be in constant motion – not stuck in one position whilst your head is in gear.
AT LEAST – use a standing chair at work . .

If you are in one position a lot of the day:

Regardless of whether you want better sperm or babies made, relief from pain, cancer recovery or just to get rid of that cough – it is all the same – health is your goal – ad is always better with intentional activities.

  • Set a timer to go off at least hourly, to give a breathing (deep rhythmic and outside preferably)
  • take a ‘smoking’ (really a breathing) break – to clear your mind. .)  and
  • eye exercises (stop and focus on long then short distances, for one minute, hourly) and
  • ankle breaks – rotate your ankles in each direction – or
  • perhaps get a massaging device under your chair.

Ensure at least 10,000 steps are walked briskly every day – and them call the exercise (cardio, at least 30 minutes daily) in as exercise. No time? That is entirely the point – what is the point of being in this body if it is not being used well?

It cannot support life, when the basics are skipped. Of course it is falling down a bit . .

To understand more, start with the natural healing Apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here