Kidney Qi

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from where you have been trained to think, please keep reading as this acupuncture model explains why and how all things are not as you would like them to be.  Kidney complex of energy forms the essence of how we are here – divided into Kidney Yang and Kidney Yin and Jing . .

Kidney Qi function is mostly noticed mostly when it is not working well/ is insufficient. Yang Xu and Yin Xu and how the Jing is expressed are covered elsewhere. We find issues that stop us in our tracks:

Issues of:

  • continence,
  • hormonal and developmental milestones,
  • hair falling,
  • sexual vigor and competence, and enjoyment,
  • reproductive prowess,
  • egg quality,
  • teeth and their health, and
  • all manner of apparently unrelated issues

are all under the care and guidance of the Kidney Qi/Jing.