Shen is a Chinese concept that covers the essence of self in a spiritual sense.

Shen governs who we are and how we express ourselves. 

Shen is nourished by our Blood energy. A well-nourished Shen allows us to present a consistent personality to the outside world. Here is a small YouTube explanation of Shen

In medical terminology – it allows us to see/feel how sane or otherwise a person may be. How clear thinking, how their memory and sleep are.


Our Shen allows our clarity of speech, our brightness of eye, our coherence of thought, and our ability to live in mental and emotional tranquility.

With a well-nourished, calm Shen we can sleep well, thus replenish ourselves on all levels.

Any sleeping problems are the reflection of an unquiet Shen. This may be either as the result of not being well-rested, or the reason behind not being able to rest.

A strong Shen allows us to be sane, to ‘fit in’, to be ‘normal’ and acceptable to others. When the Shen is healthy, we are able to weigh up consequences, and go with the pack. Healthy Shen gives us the ability to think clearly, and respond appropriately, to perceive and react reasonably. All of this is governed by the amount and the quality of the Blood energy.

The awareness/ability to be in the world that others are also in is dependent on how clear the Shen is – and this is a measure in part of the amount of damp / phlegm energy that is around. This in turn is shown in the digestive strength – and here we are seeing how all of the body impacts on all else. The strength of the Yang Qi especially the Spleen Yang Qi and hence your choices of what goes in your mouth – all end up dictating whether or not you able to partake in all life may offer you. Whether you have a clear Shen – it is all about balance.

You may be out of balance, especially if you are a woman, and are:

  • losing too much blood,
  • not making enough, or
  • losing it through forcing and expensive ways of ‘trying’ to make a baby in all ways but naturally.

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