Often you are STILL STUCK where it was


The paralysis of shock stays in the body until released. The ripple effect grows. The influence of being taken aback’/frightened can be with you always – until it is let go.  Age and time and incidents are layered upon it.

Transitions – change – healing . .

Many traditional ways most societies allowed the healing space to happen.
We may have lost this. One such gentle way is Maya spiritual healing.

Recognising that ‘time out’ to heal may be the answer may be your first step.
However long ago this happened. Talk therapy may not be your best move.

Any release is possible – first please be gentle with yourself and prioritise start with self care.

Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things.

Maybe find a holistic healer who can help on many levels.

The Gentling Way has been designed to allow the body to gradually undo what is so stuck . .