Wei Qi

How to stay well – and to get there.

Enhance your health through righteous living and boosting sleep all through the winter months.

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from where you have been trained to think, please keep reading as this acupuncture model explains why and how all things are not as you would like them to be.

The most active component of Yang Qi is called Wei Qi. Wei Qi circulates in the outer reaches of our energy and physical bodies, forming a protective barrier. This includes the aura, but is far more functional than just being a pretty light display. When we are awake, Wei Qi travels externally, keeping our pores on the ready and safe from predators – on all levels, from the psychic attack through to the function of the immune system, and includes exposure to draughts and chills.

Wei Qi needs to be replenished, and retreats inside during the sleep cycle.

Live well . .

Anything that wastes Yang Qi threatens the body’s very existence. Metabolism, digestion, circulation, immunological integrity, temperature regulation and keeping all structures and blood and organs in place and working well are all dependent upon the strength of the Yang Qi. When under threat, the body attempts to shut down the least needed systems. This can lead to annoying ‘health’ problems, particularly pain and musculo-skeletal challenges. When this is severe, organ systems may start to weaken. We may then be told by those who do not have a health and wellness model that we are aging. . .

Maybe look after yourself better?

Understanding how you ‘catch’ disease and heal from being ill is an essential part of your starting point to being a more vibrant and happy person.

Regardless of what you want to change in your body and life – whether it is avoiding another emergency, making better sperm, or breast milk, undoing years of self neglect – it is all the same. Do not be put off buy the Natural Fertility Coach label – I do have very may hats on. A body is a body – it all works the same regardless of the age and stages you are at.

Look to this online site through this online self help course – in three stages – it will revolutionise what you call wellness – thus life.