Who is Heather?

Heather is passionate about education and change being part of the healing process, and actively helps those would seek her assistance to move through their own inner blocks, empowering them to own their own healing journey.

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She calls upon a mix of vibrational, medicinal and practical tools, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal and wise womanly medicinal traditions and the Maya and Mercier and her own style of Gentling Ways . .


to assist all in their healing journey back to home to self.

Originally from New Zealand, Heather Bruce completed her acupuncture training in Brisbane, Australia at a college allied to Dr van Buren’s college in the Netherlands (ICOM), in 1979. As she was a single mother at the time, instead of furthering her education in China, she intertwined her acupuncture life with maternity. She raised four children, birthing them over a gap of 18 years. This led her to focus in on women’s health issues, branching into all forms of fertility and pregnancy management.

Teaching has always been her passion. Heather co designed, wrote and taught the ACA (Brisbane) under-graduate course in the early 1980’s. Concurrently she also presented to her colleagues post graduate seminars, focusing on the obscure topics leading into her seminal works on maternity acupuncture (both in the mid ‘80’s, with extensive written researched notes), the use of lymph and hands on massage moves with needing and the then ‘too hard’ case of treatment of those with auto immune failure as HIV/AIDS.

Whilst patients through her ‘hard cases’ themed practice in Brisbane,



she has continually researched and updated her infertility and pregnancy e-Books and DVDs for the wider audience.

When teaching, whether to her peers, allied professionals, or the consumer audience, she brings all these healing arms into an amalgam to truly fit our modern western context.

Why Apps? A quick way to answer questions that seem to be evaded, not answered in the standard orthodox medical model in dealing with all women’s issues.  Going back to what women always knew . . how to tend and care for, with kindness and a lot of help from the garden and the kitchen. Domestic assistance was always where women helped each other – women’s business is about caring and tending – and here we have the movement back to what always worked – the the traditions of the past – framed through ultramodern technology available to all.

Download instantly whatever you feel will aid you in Heather’s tool kit of patient aids – eBooks and meditation MP3 tracks to transform your life!!