Kidney Yang Xu

The energy that fuels the body – that allows transformation of one state to another, also in all metabolism and in reproductive fire – fertility and all sexual functions – male and female. Kidney Yang is the basis of the Spleen Yang and all ‘oomph’ in the body.

When it is depleted, the body function starts breaking down – and maybe in different people at different times, more worse than others – do not need all systems to fall over/to go down at once to have this.


Feeling cold, feeling better with heat, and not being able to warm up is a key point here. Often this is the back that just will not ‘stay in place’ with an accompanying cool belly, weak knees and sense of lack of energy/motivation for life.

Please also see all I have written (and collected ) on low thyroid function and low adrenal function.
All comes back to NOT freezing your gut  . . take out all cold in your fluids/foods and feel the difference!

It correlates.
Almost no medical condition label will give you as good a description of the general gradual breakdown as following the energy instructions that precede this process – how does it happen?
Usually – not paying attention to how our elders would have had us live – as their handed down habits in our own cultures would have had us preserving ourselves far more than we currently do.
Look also to the use of heavy metals and chemicals that are not allowing at a cellular level – the ingredients we need to run our bodies.
Now more so with the use of weedkillers on the very food we are to eat – in concentrations of sometimes almost miniscule – but which still kill off the very gut bacteria that we rely on to live.

To understand more, start with the apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here