Infrequently Asked Questions

Assumptions . . .

you may carry about the mainstream version of life you see all around . .

It must be right

It must be safe

Otherwise they would/would not do / say it . .

Fine, possibly if you are not unwell, or seeking and finding no answers that fit.

Perhaps not so fine if things are going awry / wrong and there seems to be no logic in the answers you are given, as you do ‘everything right’ and it is all still all wrong. Perhaps you have asked yourself – why does no one know why things happen and what to do to reverse  out of them?

When you might use this information

When you think that there may be more to life . . .

What if you do not subscribe to these ideas . .

  • Periods are expected to be awful – and you are expected to take chemicals to stop them or fool your body to think it is pregnant so you can have sex whenever – and then turn it all on when you do want to make babies – or not.
  • When you wonder where the logic is in breaking a system that needs to work perfectly to make your maybe babies decades later.
  • If not getting pregnant – the invasive and expensive testing that proves that you are well – and not making babies – and not why not. No push for enhancing your health – instead it is all about enforcing body functions on her body – when really – what is this low pass mark for sperm – and surely that needs addressing?
  • If having miscarriages, stillbirths, problems in conceiving generally – where are the answers as to why it happened? To ensure it doesn’t again?
  • If having pregnancy hassles – where is the traditional information that all women passed on through the family lines and across generations?
  • Almost all of what is available to you is just medical interventions, based on a disease /illness model – not a wellness enhancement and restoration one.

What is different about this information, this site and these Apps

  • Almost none of what you will read here is mentioned in any written information within mainstream medicine on gyne and obstetrics.
  • Almost none of it will be known, let alone shared by those you pay to assist you.
  • Modern testing, giving ‘solutions’ really masks all problems, or gives you other ones – with surgeries, all the modern ‘necessary’ monitoring in pregnancy and then exposing the soon-to-be-parents to all the things that may ‘go wrong’ as though they will go wrong without more visits and tests to see if it is.

When upset about continual bleeding crisis and monthly catastrophies – the medical takes are not working for you.

If not conceiving – no one having answers that work – safely, cheaply and effectively.

When pregnant – there are highly technical, invasive and unbaby respectful procedures – all of which cost your pocket, and come at the expense of baby’s emotional, energetic and primal bonding to you both. And your horror often when you think maybe the doctor is right and that there is ‘something wrong’ with baby – more worry, less sleep, less heartfelt connections – ‘just in case’ . . .

Who is suggesting that imagine baby has a whole soul, and within you is feeling you – mum’s distress?  Where is ‘First Do No Harm’ in all of this?

Almost everything that is now ‘best practice’ in obstetrics is not based on research findings , or what has always worked before, or the outcome of a happy mother and a bonded baby, but a system of servicing that those making money all agree to do.

The results of the new wave of obstetric practices are obvious. Escalating rates of distressed mums, and babies who are not thriving, who are not resilient, and who need more medical interventions as they are so ill. Their forebears/relations in times past were not so resource intensive/high maintenance.

It would appear that few are seeing this and fewer know what to do to at least halt this process – much less reverse it. Thus I have written the eBooks, not to appear controversial, but to be a voice of common sense in times here it seems that this has disappeared.

Who is standing up as a voice for baby and a happy bonded mum?

Nature – and natural birthing and mother care

In all that is maybe to happen, or has happened to you – has whatever being offered helped you and baby to grow closer to bond, to be in love with each other? That possibly is the place to start with all versions of what medical processes may do.

See what nature can do for you – go back to the blueprint – get the eBook package to see what is missing in what you have read to date and what you can do to help yourself to become a healthier, happier version of yourself!