Welcome to Pregnancy

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Welcome to Pregnancy

Besides getting a great App, you can also read all the inspirational text found when you use the drop downs from the tabs above.  Also along the top tabs you will find all the terms I use all through the eBooks, Apps and the site itself – a glossary – and also the common imbalances that happen when people ‘age’/live past the innate suggestions people used to follow (traditional healing way/the body tries to tell us all.

Please look to evidence based maternity care – not what the local birthing culture may tell you.

Remember that women are designed to carry and birth babies without extra ‘helping’ attention . .

In time there will be more ‘Heather Says’ Apps – the Periods App is finished and the Fertility one will follow in by the middle of July

The Women’s Vitality Package package is part of the solutions you may need to actively clear up menstrual issues.

The Human Matrix in all packs will give you the beginnings of what ‘normal is – and what you may yet to experience.

The fertility App is awaiting approval on the app stores –  on this site under ‘Pregnancy’ may be all you need – investigate the making great babies ..

From my 35 years working with couples, I have found that usually regardless of ‘your’ health issue it is him that is holding up the baby/family experience for you both works . . so when ‘trying for a baby’. Please start here.

It is also a matter of safe bleeding products – perhaps watch these demos and think through all the chemicals and how they make it into your body – often just using these pads undoes so much hormonal and emotional and bleeding problems – yes – I am so serious here. So simple.

The pregnancy tab on this site will give you hints and great watching as I have collected an inspirational set of viewings and articles here, and here in addition to the ‘quick fixes’ the App provides.

For all those who want to be pregnant, or who seem not able to stay pregnant – read more and get the App to see why you need to be in the most well start BEFORE you get baby on board ..