Why We Suffer

Why We Suffer

Maybe not something the average person thinks about – but definitely will live through. Why we suffer is a good question – we are attached to an outcome that we have pre judged as being the only and the right one to happen. When this does not happen, we tend to respond by grieving, raging, and anything in between.

This reactivity stops us from being present; to experience all that may come out of being aware, conscious and able to in the moment. To then make the most of that moment to make the next one. We think we ‘deserve’ more or different. We have a judgement of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ – but do we know what we are here to learn – to do?

You may want to reflect on this perhaps see from a different perspective than your personal culture has you seeing ‘the world’ from. Ask even – ‘What is a person’? Perhaps look to the page on Shen. Also maybe the Blood energy and how the Liver Qi circulates this in health – and what happens (it and we get Stuck) when it can’t flow. (Depressed life force always gives way to further troubles).

Physical blockages can come in from all angles – and one of the major ones is surgery and incidents/accidents – the healing of the physical wound hides the breakages in the energy flow.

If there is any lessening/heightening/change of sensation and appearance of skin due to life happening  there is energy blockage and this itself can further damage what is happening in your body. See how how you were made is working in your everyday life and perceptions, and what you can do to help yourself to wellness – naturally.

The meditation areas on Heather’s site may be of use – as may buying the ‘Free Yourself’ package.

To understand more, start with the Period App – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here