Drinking / Hydration

Bodies need pure non-chilled water to work well.

What happens if you don’t drink enough fresh clean water daily? Life gets harder.

When seeking optimal health there is usually a residue of by-products of life and any chemicals that could do with flushing away.

Drinking more water will often assist with this as will drinking plenty of water well before you feel thirsty.

Try seeing how drinking a glass of water feels after every loo trip.

The urine should be a very light yellow colour – unless of course your B complex or multi vitamin tablet is showing through.

Usually dry and /or reddened chapped lips are entirely due to not having enough water in your system – so easily fixed.

Also more water drunk is very important if you feel that you have Yin deficiency (Yin Xu) or are losing too much blood resulting in Deficient Blood or Heat in the BloodInner Heat or just from eating too much concentrated (esp sugary foods) and/or processed foods, smoking, drinking coffee or generally not looking after yourself as you optimally would.

Drinking more water can only help. (How to kid yourself to drink more. . )

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