Spleen Qi

‘Spleen’ is more than the organ, and more than the spleen organ – includes the pancreas also. The energy of . . not only the organs . .as with all in the East Asian Medical system – the word for the organ stands in for all the energy coordinates . .

Spleen Qi that allows us to be – nourishment (stomach also the immune system – 90%  is apparently found there), circulation/transportation – all a Qi function – movement – encompassing the lymphatic system) and holding all the tissues in place (connective tissues – from fascia, and vascular integrity through to blood, tissues, organs, babies being held where they should be.

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A word on ‘Qi’

Although you may not be used to seeing the word ‘Qi’  (pronounced ‘chee’) this model explains how a body works. Much like the electrical circuitry.  Qi  is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from what you have been trained to think, this paradigm shift – dealing with the ‘why’ not the ‘what’ of the body makes sense.     In health .. . 

Digestion can only work if there is enough strong Spleen Qi to make it work. Food that is too cold in temperature, too sweet in taste (think of all the Candida and ‘thrush’ you may have been inadvertently feeding), or too hard to digest (raw or cold) will be in this category.

Spleen Qi governs the flesh – connective tissue. holds tissues, organs, blood and babies in place. When the Spleen Qi is weakened through over work, or exertions of any kind, or over exposure to cold, the holding function may lose its grip. Lack of nutrients, their bio availability, and the digestive ease to process/assimilate are often ignored. Such is the medicalisation of life – all grannies knew . .the key to life was the gut. Spleen Qi maintains life. 

When Spleen Qi fails, major womanly problems result, often for the rest of a woman’s life, as the western medical model has no idea how to rescue (especially without causing further damage) that which repairs us – the Yang Qi.

As it is Yang Qi, anything cold will waste it.

As it is vital for life, not wasting it through cold exposure is vital. More on what cold does to you here.

This may be called ‘aging’ but can happen when there is too much expected of a body. In order to nourish ourselves, we need to be aware that our ‘food factory’ has basic requirements that are simple and constant – regular input of warm, nourishing foods of moderation and variety.

When we start upsetting the Spleen Qi / Yang a variety of apparently unrelated body issues start up. When the Spleen Qi is weak, it cannot transform energy properly. This means that everything that comes into the body is inadequately digested, leading to poor quality Qi, Blood, body fluids, and no Jing reserve being laid down.

Spleen Qi can be weakened either through being not formed well as a fetus and/or not being looked after properly as a child, or by being depleted through extreme overwork, worry, exhaustion, exposure to cold, disease, trauma or aging, or a combination of any of these. Dieting, or imposing interesting regimes upon the body, especially when young, and/or when menstruating, and/or under a load, as in pregnancy or lactating, can have lifelong negative effects.

In weakness


When the Spleen Qi is not able to hold blood tissue organs and babies in place we are in deep trouble.

Common manifestations of weakened Spleen Qi :


These problems all have their roots in loss of Spleen Qi – as do over bleeding in periods, and low energy and putting on vast amounts of weight for no good reason.If this sounds like you – maybe it is time to learn to work with and not against your body . . . Much of what happens to you as a women is improved simply by looking after yourself first.

I’m not talking about trends in feminine form and beauty, which are fickle and change from decade to decade. And I’m not talking about diets. We can forget that women make a baby lining every month.

The Blood has to come from somewhere! Women can really damage themselves through ignorance about their biology – the inner programs that run inside us whether babies are desired or not.

When the Spleen energy is compromised, Blood gets lost, raw ingredients are not made well, or circulated properly.

This leads onto all damp and low thyroid issues and misery – as without a strong food factory – nothing much works.

Learn how to fix yourself – as nature intended – by understanding how the energy that holds you together works.

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