I have been an educator concurrently,

whilst working as a healer over the decades.

My calling has always been to shed more Light.

Let your own path to clarity begin!
Here are some links to other helpful sites:

Simple Natural Solutions Self help resources – on YouTube, other inspirational sites – and some input from my extensive (40+ years) of being at the interface patient/health care provider – and what you can do to help yourself through changing what you are doing in your every day life.

Simple Natural Detox – Safe, easy ways to undo what living in the modern world has done to you. Using a system of effective and instant detox drops – that work. Go to the hormones page to see what should be happening and what is instead due to us living in the mess we have been bequeathed through all having a love affair with chemicals and see how you can restore wellness easily.

The Life Alignment Centre – my Brisbane clinic site.

Easybabies – How to make your own – at when at any stage of the parenting continuum and wanting to now more

My Mothers Heart  – My personal journey of mothering a massively brain injured, then vaccine damaged daughter.

Heather Bruce – The original site with meditation (and cancer) as the main focus

Heather Bruce Healing – a recent attempt to add most of my sites onto one. – access all the instantly downloadable MP3 (guided meditation) MP 4 (Massage and Birthing for dads to prepare mum for a gorgeous birth and beyond) and all Heather’s inspirational posters, books and eBooks.

Safe Intimate Care – All women bleed at some stage – and all are being exposed to chemicals never ever intended to be absorbed up through the wet pads/tampons and into out bodies – learn how to improve on this assumed safe system.
Also see here for more demos –

Fingertip rescues – for ease in late pregnancy – and so much more.  Self help when things need to improve – and you only have yourself about to do it.– learn about this brilliant work and how you can help yourself heal. Initially started as a daily blog, this is to help all women understand how to have healthy happy breasts.

Endometriosis Solutions – a package of eBooks to allow you to sort it all out handily at home yourself.

Hyperemesis Solutions A package of eBooks and videos with the way to make better babies: heal her body so she can nourish mum so she can. All obvious, easy and effective answers – when you know where to start looking! 

Gentling Way – a new therapy incorporating all I have researched, and found superb in clinic


Finally here – empowering the birth journey


In the meantime – maybe get started?

Online courses – decades of what works – secrets of my clinical success – broken down step by step to allow you to take charge yourself.

Making your own better belly/better bodies/better babies/better lives.


More always coming . . .