Yin Qi

Yin Qi

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from where you have been trained to think, please keep reading as this acupuncture model explains why and how all things are not as you would like them to be. Yin Qi is nourishing. It is a category of energy that also loosely encompasses Blood, Jing and body fluids. Yin Qi has more substance than Yang Qi, is more tangible – although it is still a type of energy. Yin Qi is essentially about replenishment and regeneration. Yin energy is tied to our constitutional vigour and our inherited energy bank balance – our Jing.

Yin Qi in the body:

  • cools
  • nourishes
  • lubricates
  • provides rest and regeneration
  • grants foundation, stability and constancy.

Nutrient dense food and pure water, regenerating sleep and rest, vigorous exercise and abundant sunlight are just as essential as visits to medical specialists. Healthy living and life affirming is what the elders all knew about prior to modern medicine. Health and its care is what all traditional medical systems work back to. Acupuncture and Asian medicine are no exceptions.

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