Why We Have To Eat

We eat to rebuild, to maintain perfect health, and to live well. Not to satisfy tastes and cravings, but to repair and to renew. Daily, every minute, what we use as ingredients over time shows in how fast we age. How well we live. What we see as food is as individual as the places we can inhabit on the planet. Humans are omnivorous and none have ever just eaten plants, as they alone cannot sustain life.

Women need more nutrient dense foods as they are preparing as a vessel for new life every single month. I am advocating eating sacred foods and thus if you are vegan or vegetarian, you may feel offended. I started off as a vegan macrobiotic, and although I followed protein combining, it was not enough to sustain me when pregnant and since then (42 years later) I have been aware that especially when unwell or when living in a woman’s body, often the answer is unpalatable to the mind – yet our biology craves the animal protein. I am not setting out to upset – and hope that the essence of what I mean and is written here will be taken in board.Yogis may well eat very little – but they are not potential biological breeding units.

It is advisable to eat LIVER as a food twice weekly and lot and a lot of dark green veggies. All older people remember that this was part of life – no need for vitamins – they come already packaged in food ..

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