Liver Qi

Liver Qi

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from where you have been trained to think, please keep reading as this acupuncture model explains why and how all things are not as you would like them to be. For the body and mind to work well, the Liver Qi needs to move.
What does the Liver Qi do in health / what does this look and feel like?

Everything in your body and life is dependent upon your getting this bit right.


What upsets Liver Qi?

Emotional blockage – feeling and not expressing, otherwise called ‘stress’ in western culture.

Emotional blockages are caused by bottled resentment, anger and a festering sense of unfairness. With emotional stress we block normal flow.

Over time this will kill us, as we get bound up – resulting in growths and blockages and cancers – after years of internal dialogue and self-abuse.


The Liver Qi needs good blood to nourish it and to be working well.

This circular nature and interdependence of the body is seen in this model.

Any aspect of health and illness will show up also as how we feel and how we are – depressed or energetic – and this all comes back to the expression of the Shen and the start of the Blood energy and whether or not the Liver Qi is moving all through well. A healthy liver energy means you express yourself. ANGER When blocked, anger rises and creates more dramas.

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