A well body needs rest and regeneration time – and the quality of the Blood energy and the Yin Qi allow this so that the Shen is calm, peaceful yet alert and able to function perfectly. Rest is totally under valued – and the lack of it may be all you need to correct .. Body heals /repairs in sleep. Not just quality sleeping to regenerate yourself but also ‘down’ time. Is your sleep regenerating?

Whether you are wanting better babies – or better heath – it is the same ..
Perhaps you need more Vit D . .. no CPAP machine – but the ability of sleep to cure our body – is awesome!!! Human Growth hormone is released in slow wave sleep – when we are paralysed –  in a specific type of sleep – please spend this 75 minutes and watch then pay attention to what you need to HAVE good sleep . .

Go into Nature, being quiet, reflecting in what is happening – ‘defragmenting’ yourself. (No time? Where will the time be found to be a mum/reasonable, loving person in?) Rest is being free from thinking – doing nothing – except perhaps get a hobby (no time you may say?). Perhaps start a repetitive action – gardening? (no time!) but you may find that tending something is incredibly rewarding – and can often help clear and still the mind. Perhaps see what another healer has put together as prerequisites for good sleeping health?