Buttocks Massage

Where we store all ‘for later’

Now is as good a time as any to Let It Go



After the moxa sacral fan (see below also) – the opening pelvis allows all gyne and back, sciatic, upper body tension, stress and accumulated rubbish to leave, allowing free movement and sexual life expression.

Then the butt massage . .not just to open for baby exit

Not just for birth preparation

  • Could be to undo blocked lower body thus clearing the way for the meridians to flow and the upper body tension be released .
  • For the lower body to be released
  • To feel sex more . . orgasms even!
  • To open up the pelvis to allow all the flows intended through there to flow .
  • Especially any leg circulation issues
  • Perfect for all who work as Arvigo® practitioners as this is a colossal adjunct to the napropathic work and the central midwifery moves that we all do after PCT and the pregnancy classes . .

Whilst it is ‘sold’ as birth preparation – the information and practical tips and massage guidance so you can sort out all back and neck and pelvic tensions is to be found on the Birthing – What Dads (And Others) Can Do – instant download for ease of sexual expression, periods and general well being – not just baby welcoming!!