Bao Mai

We are so bound inside our bodies – we feel


Is the name of the inner channel/vessel meridian/flow of Qi/ energy connection between the two hearts: one in the 4th chakra, the organ of the heart, and one in the 2nd chakra, the sacral organs.


Formation of the being – human

How we are. . .
Beings of Light we all have energy bodies/auras/chakras/nadis/ acupuncture points – an eventually etheric bodies to the condensed physical

Our driver – Soul Star

We are anchored here by virtue of the Earth Star.

Grounded through these connections – the Anatakarana

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Pericardium function at the instant the adult from fetal circulation happens (Matters of the Heart – Dr John Shen

Shen  . . . . .Function of the Heart

Organs and flows.

There are two important energy pathways usually ignored
Bao Mai and Dai Mai (the belt like girdle meridian that links all the meridians that traverse the body – see more here – the Liver and Gall Bladder channels are the ones that giver; al that ails your reproductive/hormonal lives – also see the Kidney one on that page and you will get some understanding in how profound actually healing – not being reactive with ‘disease’ and labeled conditions – using a very different health and life model – all traditional cultures – in this case a combo of East Asian and Maya can be . .).

When damaged/broken/distressed we have a myriad of upsets at such deep level that we may ever have known anything but.

We all have broken hearts . .


Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai, shutting off nourishment.

Leaving a person with a deep and penetrating sense of

  • not belonging,
  • or of betrayal,
  • or of being always disconnected
  • or of needing to fill a hole – one that we do not even know where it is –
  • all of these and more point to a Bao Mai fracture

Not mentioned in many acupuncture texts (it has no ‘points’ on the outside of the body, its actions are obvious to all whose heart is heavy with grief . . . Lack of joy springs to lack of sexual enjoyment and of course maybe no babies made.

Lack of male vigor and loss of the joys of life.

Women – may finally be pregnant with their biological children once the Bao Mai is reconnected – it is an energy pathway and can’t nourish the uterus well when so very broken. We may know of (or be that one) women with grief from reproductive and life wounds: who were ’barren’ until given a baby to adopt – then they are pregnant with their own child as a gift from their reconnected body!!

Men who may have been so hurt emotionally now may not feel or maintain a vigorous sex life until they go into the place that they have deep wounds to address and work through the gifts of these (the Fisher King mythology).

We could do so much better at the beginning of life – which is why all my work exists online
Please do not break your baby-mother connections at any stage through the fear base that orthodox medicine thrives on.
Please do not stay in sorrow – undo yourselves . .
All addictions are self soothing behaviours

How to help yourself?

Accept that you are more than a physical body.
Your heart chakra will need a hand – and soothing self is as easy as constructing a lustre bowl.

Easy to find rosemary and marigolds and set aside a glass bowl to make a daily lustre bowl.
Any flowers that call to you – as long as they are not toxic – rule of thumb – no sap though – no frangipani.

Spiritual bathing/ cleaning is also easy.

The Soul Mantrum
I am the Soul
I am the Light Divine
I am Love
I am Will
I am Fixed Design

If this speaks to you – welcome.
Also look here – a free self rescue package online

You will learn how (and why) to use Copal and the vibrational Bao Mai essence

(An essential healing tool combination of 26 vibrational essences to assist the healing – profound work is often needed as the reconnection of all of who we are then be ready to do what we are here to do – not wallow in suffering but unfold into the Beings of Light we are – through undoing the wrappings of experience gained).


The Bao Mai is the channel/vessel, which connects our essential two hearts: one in the Heart 4th chakra, the Heart, and one in the Sacral 2nd chakra. Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai.

This combination of 26 vibrational essences work together to offer healing for the effects of a Bao Mai blockage:

  • feelings of disconnection from Spirit/Divine Source, self, and others
  • shock, emotional pain and numbness in the sexual and emotional centre
  • a loss of knowing of your own wholeness, causing co-dependency in relationships
  • unresolved emotional residue and feelings of betrayal and abandonment
  • disappointment in self or others
  • inability to connect sexually and lovingly
  • disconnection from creativity

Please get the Bai Mai essence – to be used with the Mary Magdalene cream of the belly and all found here.

(Also applicable for all men)

Their uterus is the prostate and their broken hearts are also in need of gentling back to functionality).


sun streaming through forest

All there to help you heal on every level

You can heal  – back to the Light

Maybe reach out to Heather if this inspires you?
So many nine courses to cover most of what you may feel may need reconnecting back to self and source.