Normal Life / Body Function

Being Woman

We live in a mammalian body run by biological programmes.

Women bleed and carry live young and feed them via mammary glands (breasts). That is what bodies do. The acupuncture model explains via the Blood and Qi and Jing. It may seem different to you as most writing is not from an energy model.

Here I am explaining the instructions that the physical works to.  

I present this to you so you can alter your life.

Your body can heal itself. It is set to do so – when given the ingredients. All traditional cultures had to have away to assist those who were troubled – and all used whatever means to do so – that ‘made sense’ to the tribe/group. Here I use a self-help model based in the age old wisdoms mostly through East Asian medicine. The Celtic and European healing traditions that would have existed prior to religion and science taking over had a different version of life truths. We all get used to what we were brought to see as being ‘real’. In times past, herbal medicines came from the garden. Or were scrounged about in nature.

I do not use the ‘hormonal’ explanation – as the hormones are only as good as what they are made from and bio-medicine skips that bit. What you eat and what you have had happen to you is seen as immaterial – yet all know that this is not so as they know that their lives changes when . . .

We are grown through what happened to our mum whilst she was growing us within her. All her joys and traumas (not just food that go into allowing our genes to express – or not) and life situations shape us and our future lives. When our woman’s body is fully grown, the ‘fetal palace’ can fill up.  Monthly bleeding starts.

Whilst this is a non ‘scientific’ way of explaining the process of menstruation it serves the purpose. There has to be ‘leftovers’. Menstrual blood and sperm for men is made after what is needed for the reproductive unit (the adult) – to live well.

This means if she is starving herself or over exercising, normal baby preparation as with all mammals at puberty cannot happen and this shows as period problems. The body is preset to make a baby nest monthly, regardless of what she as a personality thinks that she wants to do with her life. Stopping periods as per what current medical ‘wisdom’ may say, is not smart as women’s bodies need to have the cycle. For her to be well and to stay functioning all through her life, so is designed to bleed.

Monthly bleeding (when not pregnant) indicates good health. The cycle is a report card of your health and well-being.
Out of sorts? So will be your cycle.