7 Year Cycles

Biologically programmed

Women are reset to have a seven-year cycle. Men, an eight-year one. (See the Heather’s wall poster – Transforming Jing into Wisdom).

This means that at 7 x 2 puberty should be happening.
Not at 8 or 9 as is sometimes the case now.
Not at 17 – as was normal when there was war-time rationing and deprivation.

This shows up as when there are too many resources and not the right ones. The hormonally charged or toxin filled environment we have tricks the body into thinking it has the ingredients.
However the plant (via soy) and chemicals (look to Our Stolen Future) means that bleeding may start up to great health detractions later.

The lack of Iodine drives the thyroid to not do the right thing by the woman’s body.
The presence of heavy metals and other dubious added toxins magnifies this effect. Check out what should be happening for you to make normal/optimal hormones here.

Sugar or sugar substitutes are inflammatory in the body and drive Heat – see later.

This in turn causes the Blood to be reckless – driving it out of the vessels and then wasting this precious resource that the body needs. (See what Blood does and how Blood deficiency looks). The seven year cycles show that a woman is in her optimal breeding space at 7×3 – 7×5 (21 to 35 years old). After this, the natural dwindling happens – unless she has been looking after rejuvenating on the inside.

  • adding to her nutrient dense life,
  • sleeping and resting and living simply, and
  • not taking on board chemicals and
  • accepting the medically driven urgency messages of making babies prior to 40 years of age.

What seems to be forgotten is what all farmers know. Feed and stress levels make the herd – in addition to having had good parents who themselves were given strong life foundations. We all age at different rates (See Maternal Age versus Baby Readiness for more).

Natural ways of supporting the body to help itself are now labelled ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’, usually in a derogatory undermining fashion. Again we could look to farmers and earlier cultures who know they must listen, intuit and to respect the weather patterns, the natural order, and flows of the animals. Encouraging normal meant that the tribe lived through another season, even if things were tight. Natural laws are to be obeyed.

These are not of humanity’s making but are based on information learned and passed on by our forbears through their experiences in survival. Gradually the seemingly ‘new kid on the block’, still in its adolescence – biomedicine – is discovering that it is not possible to force or to control everything. There is a blueprint, and we are all designed to follow it.

When we do not – ill health (and disease and accelerated degeneration) happen.

We could ask:

  • ‘How does the best soil happen?’
  • ‘The best crops and livestock?’

By supporting nature.

Forcing does not work over generations, as the soil gets too depleted and tired. Similarly women who are ‘burning the candle’ at both ends, and not supporting good nutrition, rest and time out will burn out. ‘Getting ahead’ comes at a price. Natural abundance happens with variety, respect and patience. So too with bodies.

What we eat, and what we do with ourselves determines results. See how your food factory works here.