For the long term and to support an aging, or an exhausted woman’s body – try a faja

Faja (Spanish word for belt/wrap)

Very easily put on, and to wear.

Please see what Rosita Arvigo says on this first . .

Watch the video below and also see step by step there also.

More written on this here – please note that it is NOT to be tied as in this picture. .

Not so strange – Men when weight lifting – wear a supportive belt.

As with all of us – especially women who have just birthed . .

In other cultures – after a baby is born – mum’s belly needs to be supported until the birthing hormones and the body settle back to normal – and often this is not happening as she gets pregnant and breastfeeds repeatedly. What to do? Support all tissues.


Rachel and her back/belly

After years of backache that nothing helped – it was a true miracle to NOT have it – just with a piece of cloth!!!

Zoe – constant back ache – a uni student, always had a sore back as she has been afflicted all her short life. After working with her undoing all the cold stored in her body, and the use of moxa at home – with plenty of topical magnesium daily (and a lot of Vit D so she can absorb it) – she arrived for her regular session – and I took her outside to use the moxa and then put the faja on her – instant – NO pain at all . Astounding – given that she was in unbearable constant pain just a few short months before – and no help from any physical therapist or the medications as pain ‘control’ – really all that was neeed was the support,

Kaylene and back/legs

Overweight and previously bothered by massive back weakness. The difference in a humble piece of cloth in relieving all – so she felt totally light again!!!

Joy after many children and heavily pregnant again – with very difficult legs, excessive varicose veins and swelling such that a wheelchair is an option. Bound up in the jaja – she could not believe the difference.

Not just the women though . .

David with very badly afflicted with extreme prostate swelling

Wearing the faja gives him great back relief – as the internal swelling causes substantial misalignment in the belly – the faja supports all within, allowing him to continue his heavy job far easier.

Harry and his back

With great reluctance, he agreed to try this on – as usual – instant difference – and when it was taken off – the heaviness/stress/ general discomfort he always lives with is back again. Much easier to wear teh cheap and comfortable support

Garry and his testicles

Arrived as he had what amounts to another testicle growing – a huge cyst – which COULD be surgically removed but the surgeon did not sound too hopeful about it being safe for the real testicles. He then tried on a faja – and could not believe it – no pressure – he was standing taller and there was significant support- no pressure at all  as though he did not have a massive heavy cyst there. He also was instantly standing taller – not looking like a hunched over weighed down old man!!!

You don’t think you need one?
Wait till you take it off!!!

Me – no reason I thought – till I put it on – and did not want to take it off – I suspect that we all wander about with a weakness that we are so used to – it is never noticed.

With no apparent signs or symptoms, you will be amazed at how much better you feel with it on – and how surprising how much

It may be strange for you to think that women all over the world, (when they were the tenderers and the looker-afterers) did things to assist each other – in their own homes, as part of their cultural heritage. How did we lose this? Easy – handed over authority of our bodies and lives to ‘science’ based meanderings that have not held the test of time.

How to put on a Faja

See a slideshow here


or a video below:

Totally different and way more involved than a faja. (faja is super easy and instant), but does a very different job to the belly binding.

Belly binding still pregnant ..  with a woven wrap.

Still pregnant .. .(with her 5th)

This is a variant to assist holding everything in . .esp for the back

She mentions pelvic pressure – this is easiest with very diligent topical magnesium application (maybe 6x daily) and also taking a LOT of Vit D daily – to assist the absorption – and a lot more dietary fat (what baby and brain, and hormones are all made of – just avoid all sugars ).