Healthy Life

These pages provide basic information on acupuncture terms so you have a ‘glossary’ on all my base line information. Free!A book in itself!!

We were designed to be totally functional/self healing units

Sunshine, exercise, rest (sleep almost as much as when the sun goes down, and keeping the sun’s hours) and drinking clean pure water seem to not be the recipe all use in the busy internet world of modern times. Everyone seems to expect the body to just work – and when it does not – think that perhaps a pill will fix it?

The medical story seems to ignore what has always been true – we are what we eat, we get what we put into things, and that what old people always said to do actually works. If your body is playing up, or giving you cause for concern, or otherwise not doing what you suspect it should, possibly you are not treating it as it was supposed to be.

As well as having something to look forwards to, someone to love and something to do that makes your heart sing, maybe having a body that works beautifully, as you are ‘in gear’ and just know what to eat, how to live and why you are here.

To understand more  . . . . 
Arm yourself . . .

Maybe – YOU take charge?

Not happy with what is presently going on in ‘medicine’ and options given?

Upset as your adrenals/thyroid are not working?


How can they/you be well – the invasion of our bodies is accelerating?

Here we move into what to do

Fix it – take out what is not supposed to be there – and allow normal to re-establish.

The Self Care pack will allow you to assimilate all that is not working – regardless of your best efforts.

Maybe STOP looking for external advice.
Listen to your body and the wisdom you have always carried.
Clear yourself out – and maybe then your body can have a chance of healing.

Further – Self Discovery.