Role of Emotions and Liver Qi

Emotional health is tied into having the right mix of the raw energy ingredients above ( Blood to nourish the Shen and enough Qi and Jing to make this, and Liver Qi flowing well circulate it with). Please look to the sections Shen and Blood and then Liver Qi.

A key issue here – the connection between the heart and uterus. When upset, the heart (especially when ‘broke’/grieving and other wise very distraught) can stop nourishing the uterus – and thereby stopping the opening for new life. Very problematic if/when a girl/woman is damaged in some way sexually/emotionally – as the repercussions then reverberate forever throughout her cycles and life.

Also unfortunate if when pregnant, and all start worrying mum to be about what might go wrong – it is they are hassling her sense of trust in life. If a blood test or fetal scan apparently shows a potential ‘problem’, and mum may shut off in grief – forgetting that baby is still there, needing life and support.


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