Welcome to Pregnancy

  Note from Heather

Trusting through knowing.
When I was making this site in 2014 as a support for the apps

I discovered so many women whose passion is similar to mine.
Pregnancy is a normal part of life.

It is NOT a crisis awaiting to happen.
It is a time of deepening respect for how amazing your body is and all the ways it supports you. Please listen to all warnings it gives you
Be as natural as you can be.

Do not take fear as the default.
Information from any elder will assist you.
We all wish to make it easier for you.
Rediscover what your grandmothers know and what they were told – that will be the best way forwards.

If and when you are told that is all ‘old fashioned’ – yes – it got them saved in all cases as they are the survivors.
Asking someone who has never bled, or birthed or had at least 6 children and knows what to do – not run to become disempowered – but how to help to yourself.

This is why this site was developed.
The apps I mention will soon be back online.

In the meantime – there are many other sites I have on this project.
Breasts and nurturing babies.

Opening the baby gate so birthing is easy.

What to do to help yourselves

There are many more – some of the links here may be broken.
Please be patient. If you have a burning question – maybe ask me – I am not a robot and will respond.

This is one woman’s answer to what is happening – after 40 year of working at this interface I am very concerned for you.
Having my babies from 1977 was a lot easier.

What is being taught to the midwives. doctors, specialists and anyone who thinks that they are being trained to help is through a fear not a life based filter. If you feel safest with this – you probably already have left this site. Here I speak to normal and returning there.

Please read all the inspirational text found when you use the drop downs from the tabs above.  Also along the top tabs you will find all the terms I use all through the eBooks, Apps and the site itself – a glossary – and also the common imbalances that happen when people ‘age’/live past the innate suggestions people used to follow (traditional healing way/the body tries to tell us all.  My breast site is a great place to start – as the ingredients to run all of your body better – and the after birth stage – is here

Remember that women are designed to carry and birth babies without extra ‘helping’ attention . .

Health matters .. the Self Care course is designed for you to take charge – please invest in this as it answers and corrects almost all you need to know – it comes with at least 12 eBooks covering all sorts of practical issues. Especially how to get the best from your body and your gut.

There is a part of the solutions you may need to actively clear up menstrual issues. It will give you how to return to ‘normal’.


If baby still is to be made . .on this site under the ‘Pregnancy’ banner may be all you need – investigate the making great babies ..

From my 40+  years working with couples, I have found that usually regardless of ‘your’ health issue it is him (see this page) that is holding up the baby/family experience for you both works . . so when ‘trying for a baby’. See more here.  

It is also a matter of safe bleeding products – perhaps watch these demos and think through all the chemicals and how they make it into your body – often just using these pads undoes so much hormonal and emotional and bleeding problems – yes – I am so serious here. So simple. The pregnancy tab on this site will give you hints and great watching as I have collected an inspirational set of viewings and articles all through this site (ingredients to make better you here – and better babies and breastmlk)  and more

For all those who want to be pregnant, or who seem not able to stay pregnant – read more – and please invest in the Self Care online package. There is always a way out of any situation – and attending to the medical is not the only way. You need nature to work for you. and get the resources well start BEFORE you get baby on board ..

Maybe also look to evidence based maternity care – not what the local birthing culture may tell you.
What you are lead to believe is not really what is LIFE . .
Please research all as it is YOU that gets to live with all consequences.


What one mum did . .
Radically improved her baby and pregnancy thus her life as she did something different – stepped out of the medical model and saw me as an acupuncturist who specialised/es in pregnancy and in life. She reaped the rewards in following nature. You can too – get the resources this is all based on – the entire process is the best investment you can make as it will last a lifetime – knowledge is power!

You can too . ..  all resources here.

Self Care course here.

Sites backing this up  . .

Breasts and lactation
Easy pregnancy and birthing
What to do to help yourselves