Moxa Sacral Fan

Moxa use

You will feel so much better 



Moxa Sacral Fan

This is a way to easily, simply, safely and instantly undo all life’s tensions and all that is creating drama for you – allowing your entire body to relax. Especially if there are underlying back incidents or structural issues or past accidents to unwind.



What to do?

Source a moxa stick – from a friendly acupuncturist or maybe a Chinese supermarket. Take it outside, make sure there are no draughts on the body of the one being warmed up and lit the stick. Follow instructions found here. Use for 5 minutes maximum, usually only 2-3 minutes.

What might it help?

Anything that needs movement, and that feels better with heat. Any back aching, pain, tension, spasms . . . And of course use magnesium oil topically as well and stop all sugary and refined foods and caffeine and alcohol as all of these add to the stress that gobbles up the should be there magnesium in your body . .

What to do next?

Ideally the pelvic opening massage

To understand more, start with the natural healing Apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here  All of this, and much more is amazingly explained in the photographic essays you will see in the books instantly downloaded.