Blood Energy

Life Blood – nourishes, lubricates keeps us sane.

To cover emotional health and well being, we must look at the function of Blood in our body. The word ‘Blood’, when used in these works, describes more than what is liquid and red and tends to spurt out when liberated. (To show the difference between common usage and mine, I have capitalised my words – as I have all acupuncture terms).

‘Blood’ here means the substance that nourishes all aspects of our being. Blood energy keeps every aspect of self bathed in nutrients, courtesy of the freely flowing Liver Qi. The state of Blood energy dictates the quality of a woman’s life. Problems with Blood energy show up as what is loosely called ‘hormonal’ imbalances.

The basis of whether a woman is happy and healthy, her ability to reproduce easily and be a sane member of her family, is all connected to whether her Blood energy is strong – or not. As a nourishing substance, Blood energy works on every level of existence.

On a more physical level it controls the flexibility and suppleness of our form by enriching the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Blood energy is circulated by Liver Qi, and as such is greatly influenced by our levels of ‘stress’.

Blood energy has to move as do your mentions as does your energy – being stuck causes ‘hormonal’ issues. Blood energy keeps body tissues vibrant and healthy. The hair, skin and nails are all dependent upon good quality Blood energy being circulated to them. This is usually achieved by the free flowing action of Liver Qi. Liver Qi is that which becomes very easily frustrated when we do not say, do and feel what we need to.

How we feel, and the amount of integrity we have to maintain a steady and calm demeanour, as well as our ability to sleep well and regenerate and be present as a sane and confident person, is ultimately governed by the quality of our Blood energy.

So too is our ability to think clearly, perceive and respond appropriately – especially not to be troubled with anxiety or attacks of panic.

Palpitations tend to follow nothing wrong with the heart as such, but rather of symptomatic of not enough fuel – or a stable enough home for the Shen. Actual blood, as with all physical substances in the body, is made through transformation in digestion. The Spleen and Yang mentioned previously have to be in a good state for this process to go smoothly.

Blood (that which runs us, our sanity and our personality) is made through the densest, most substantial inherited aspect (Jing) that is stored in the bone marrow. This is an aspect of Kidney energy resources, and is acted upon, in conjunction with the chest Qi, to form Blood in all its forms.  More than the red liquid that could gush out should we damage ourselves, the Blood energy supports life in many different ways.

It is seen in health as:

  • the lustre of the skin,
  • the Shen in the eyes (is the person ‘home’ or not?),
  • the quality of the head hair,
  • the health of the personality – mentally and emotionally and from there
  • can they sleep well and waken refreshed?

The ease and nimbleness of the limbs, pain free and supple and the ability to bleed and to breed easily are all indications of good, strong Blood energy.


Without strong Blood energy being a woman is a trial and all aspects of reproduction – and sanity are difficult. Losing more than needed or stopping the flow through using contraceptives both create their own often lifelong dramas.

Hormones’ are only as good as a woman’s Blood energy is, hormones being the messengers that carry to messages ABOUT the Blood energy. 

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