Stomach Qi

Stomach Qi

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives your physical body the instructions and ability to be here. Whilst this may all sound strange from where you have been trained to think, please keep reading as this acupuncture model explains why and how all things are not as you would like them to be. Stomach Qi moves downwards to aid the digestive process.

When it is weakened through life choices, and/or eating too far apart, too cold, and maybe inappropriately, Stomach Qi turns and comes back up – nausea, then vomiting.

When the Stomach Yin dries out, the lips crack and are reddened. Made worse through being dehydrated and /or being interested in sugar/the sweet taste and indulging in it often – or at all.

The body tries to tell you through thirst:

  • but very often what is chosen to drink is sweet (fruit juices/sweetened anything – this causes more heat to be introduced into the body) or very concentrated;
  • being heating (coffee/ alcohol/ all caffeinated drinks – and that need more hydration to process, often being in themselves diuretic) and too little pure water.

See how easily all aspects of life can fit together for a normal, healthy woman’s life and easy reproductive vigor is simple when your gut is working for not against you – as you are supporting life, not habits that are not comfortable.

To really understand how NOT to be diabolically ill all through pregnancy read:

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