Trauma Retained

Trauma keeps Your Body and Life Hostage


On all levels. Please follow Dr Gabor Mate has presented, written and of course lived through to be able to speak so eloquently about – the human experience of attempting to self soothe. .
Most of us have experienced what we felt were ‘ adverse traumatic events’.
The degree to which these continue to effect us will vary.

Sometimes being passed down through the generations
Medical writers are starting to pay attention. It stays there till it is released – at least recognized!!! What can you do?

Learn about The Nature of Dis-Ease. As children, whilst our brains are growing (oh dear with birth trauma) they get hard wired for hard times. . . Maybe watch this presentation to learn more about this. It may not have started with you . .go back further.  .

Physical – the shock is keeping Qi and Blood and you stuck in the moment – paralysis ..  .

Energy – bound into congestion and in itself creating dramas as all is designed – like a river damming up  – to flow.

Emotional – stunted

Mental – can’t think out of it – or undo it from here as it is a whole body/soul experience

Do stay with me here .. . . what if . . .

You do what you do not usually – ask a different question ..

Spiritual – maybe as it has happened – it was supposed to – to alert you to what the gift was . .?

sun streaming through forestSometimes we need to move away from what is not serving us.
a way of doing this is to investigate what we see as ‘reality’

All cultures have ways of dealing with the embedded trauma – there are so many ways – here is a version of the Australia native perspective.

We all have them – excuses for not undoing ourselves – we all compartmentalise and it all gets in the way so very well. As an example from life  – birth trauma trying to resurface before another birth

Why not undo ourselves and feel free?
Probably you have been only in the usual way of seeing life and what happens – perhaps step out and visit another version of life. .

How to help yourself?

Is there a person to give you tender touch? Your paralysis /stuckness may be encouraged to slightly move to allow an easier body to lie in (look to the Stuck Liver Qi info on this site) and thus make life easier to live in.

Involve you in the self care needed to heal. Start with the spiritual bathing you can easily do at home.  Fun also.

Please at least listen to this Reunion guided meditation MP3 as it may well be the beginning of your sleeping better and starting to feel your way back. Time for a life rescue? Enjoy!!!

Sign up in your life – see more here . .