Good Jing

Jing – How we are made

Jing is another Chinese concept that has no easy translation into the English language or concepts.Jing could be considered as ‘life capital’.
Jing allows us to be here in a body, enjoying our senses.
Jing is an energy concept incorporating the DNA coding – this means the egg and the sperm are Jing’s physical presence.Jing is the essential energy building block. It forms the foundation of Kidney energy, which is itself the root of Yin and Yang Qi.

Like any other form of inheritance, Jing can be spent unwisely, for example when not adhering to sensible lifestyle guidelines. Jing shows as normal, healthy growth and development. The rate and quality of transformation from one life phase to another is the unfolding of our Jing.

Strong healthy hair, bones and teeth, complete and normal brain and nervous system development, and a strong constitution that is able to sustain a human being through various life challenges are all indications of healthy Jing.

How Jing expresses itself


This might look to you like what the medicos speak of in ‘old eggs’/poor ovarian reserve/why you need to have a baby race right now . .and yes – this covers it – but . . .

How do you improve your Jing/quality of eggs and sperm if you are to make great babies? Take a moment to think about how it was for you as a baby – how were your parents and what was the state of their lives? For successful baby making, there are substantial reasons for waiting until BOTH prospective parents are in great states of health and at the peak of their potential, as the lifelong health and well being of the person they seek to make is in their hands. The baby’s emotional signature is completely at the will of the conditions present at birth – from a peaceful environment to allowing Nature to express itself.

Begin preparing for your baby well before birthbegin before conception – and make the lifestyle changes necessary to create a strong happy person. Instead of listening to a possibility of needing ‘donor eggs’ (make what you have better) or that you have poor ovarian reserve (same), or that here is no good reason that you are not getting pregnant.or having miscarriages or that you are aging so fast, perhaps look to how you may help yourself.

It all starts with us – and our own self care 

Our FOOD FACTORY makes better babies when we look after it differently!!

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