Spleen Yang Xu – all falls down! (And is not nourished well)

Our Spleen Yang is that which controls our food assimilation and hence the quality of all our Blood and other raw ingredients. Often when the Spleen energy is upset we carve sweet taste – please do not think that if you want it – you need it – the addiction to the sweet taste is a health destroyer.

When upset – especially by the invasion of cold, or by excessive ‘stress’ – when our Liver Qi gets too upset goes horizontal and attacks the Spleen directly – this function, as with all the digestive ones, and our abdominal contentment can just give way.

Undigested bits of food show up in the stool, we can’t eat and support life well, and there is often a dampness – hence mucous and possibly blood also in the stools.

This may lead to hernias, varicosities, prolapses, bleeding problems, and gut disorders – heartburn, reflux and IBS being the common ones.



Our lymphatic and immune systems are totally dependent on our Spleen Yang. All cancer and other illness issues are directly tied to the health or otherwise of our gut. When the Spleen energy is weak, we start getting diarrohoea, maybe always loose stools, and if more severe – with undigested bits in them.



To understand more, perhaps investigate all about cold and what it does to us and

your gut (so how can yo make great Blood to run yourself and your sanity, grow great hair, babies and even your ability to sleep well .. .

how you can remove the cold invasion safely at home yourself using an age old home remedy.
You will be amazed – all that cold invasion (ice water with all meals – at their onset all by itself is enough to mess with all of your digestion, thus life as without a warm oven your food factory cannot work.

Help yourself . .
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You can live so much easier in the body you can help heal itself