Cloudy in head? Obstructions everywhere?

Damp is an acupuncture term that explains what happens when we are exposed to too much humidity/cloudiness.

Think mold. How to get rid of it??

We will experience inner dampness when a) the Spleen Qi / Yang is unable to keep itself clear and functioning as it should and / or b) the outside climate is too wet / hot or cold and then damp /moldy / humid. We make this situation worse through lifestyle choices – especially when we let cravings for sweet tastes take over, resulting in eating and drinking too much of not the right stuff, and being too cold for the Yang to cope.

The energy of damp is obstructive meaning the normal life processes get interfered with. This leads to discharges. Infections, messes that fester and anything that gets blocked physically. It may mean that the arteries themselves are clogged. There is always a digestive component and if less stodge – less sweet taste, less raw and hard to digest cold vibration foods were not eaten, the gut may be able to recover.


The energy of dampness/poor Spleen Qi / Yang function shows often as the need to consume (more and more) sugar.

It is made worse through heeding this inner voice, allowing it to lead you astray, giving in to it – resulting in the formation of phlegm. BUT an it is a large BUT – anything that stops the bio available of IODINE will CREATE dampness – as the adrenal and the thyroid will be compromised – something as common now as the toxic accumulations and poisoning of even our WATER.

Fluoride and chloride in the drinking water? YES . .

Candida and all other life parasites are able to infiltrate when we are not strong and vibrant, causing their own issues.

Often underlying mental imbalance is no more than an expression of Candida and other gut disorders – all due to the sweet taste running amuck.

Diet is a crucial part of all ‘disease’ states.

Eating plates of greens daily does not usually feature in treatments recommended for these conditions by western medical practitioners – in reality, these greens would have prevented the disorders from happening in the first place and is the real answer when they arrive.

As is banishing chemicals, alcohol, caffeine and all the other ‘soft life’ options that have lead to the lifestyle disease epidemics we are currently enduring.

Fructose addiction (‘but fruit/juice is good for us’) is a good example.

Damp and Phlegm are the results of insulting the basic engine room of the body – the Spleen energy (digestive / immune and fluid metabolism/circulation), which is unable to support the nourishment process if you eat/drink too much cold, and/or raw and/or sweet things.

Living in a damp, and often mouldy, environment will make all connected problems worse.

A diet of highly damp inducing foods – chilled and cold and raw foods and fluids, overly sweet and/or alcoholic – consumed especially when the body is in a very young/unformed/exhausted/weakened state, or unbalanced from immoderate and irregular lifestyle/experiences as yet unprocessed, will keep this state of dis-ease going indefinitely.

Damp/Phlegm is a major source of muddy thinking (poor memory, losing what you were saying, can’t make decisions, can’t think at all – catatonia if extreme).

Clouds of insubstantial phlegm, perhaps wafting up from a turbid digestive system, feed this.

Improving your diet (fuel) and thus your metabolism is the answer, as the lack of Yang in the body is the driver for all of this bodily discontent.

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