Clear Heart

Having a Clear Heart

An open heart and a pure sense of being here . .

Will make every moment a joy.
Live fully!!
How might this change your life?

Try it and see  . . .


Our heart nourishes, through a line of energy to the uterus (or prostate as a man)  – so if you are not feeling in love with yourself, it is quite possible that your womb/central being is not part of who you are – through grief/trauma/incidents or just never having felt whole and being in love with yourself, life and possibly others . .

Joy – flowing all through your independently of what is happening in your immediate circumstances would improve your perceptions of the world and your part in it.

How to achieve this? Spiritual bathing may help you. Living intentionally, and mindfully.
Perhaps start by undoing your life residue (that may be holding back who you really are) so you become what you can be. ‘Free Yourself’ – especially if incidents past keep interjecting in the current life trouble you.

Find a group of like minded people – especially women – and get started in fellowship

Maybe look to the meditation part of Heather’s site and the pictorial displays.