Most indigenous cultures knew that women’s vulnerable bits need some loving.

Please note that all were once taught how to look after their women’s body in initiation processes that were deeply reverent and not just about the technique. In so saying please seek your own Maya/Arvigo(® practitioner to guide you. The information below is for interest only and is not designed or intended for use to side step your own initiation into this gentle, effective and totally safe way to assist in women’s self help.

Not just chemicals but plants essential oils and castor oil to help heal. There is much on the internet with information that used to be secret women’s business now.. now. Not just surgery, but actually undoing what was never supposed to have happened – the various conditions as endo and PCOS, fibroids and cysts and general tumours ..

Most traditional cultures had women’s ways of knowing – although the dominant western one seems to have lost these down the centuries through the burning of witches and the adoption of all surgery at the loss of hands-on gentle touch for self healing.

Information given here is for educational /informative interest only. Please find your own Maya massage practitioner to experience the entire package as the Arvigo® work is transformative and will help you heal on every level – and gives the self care options so you take total responsibility for all that is to happen from now on. A great gift!!!

Listen to what Rosita Arvigo has to say here

A PowerPoint presentation that summarises what I feel that you need to know is below

Korean spa for group steaming

Steaming is gradually sinking in in the West . .

Here is what one woman has written about this .

How to at home:

Korean style V (also A = anal for guys) steams  .

Vaginal steaming to make all down below welcoming and luscious .. what might a ‘V-steam’, do for you.?
Having recently discovered the Maya healing ways, I am discovering how comprehensive many cultures were in ensuring self care. All knew to care for the vulnerable women at bleeding and post birthing. Mother roasting or steaming was so often a central part of the healing postnatally to be done.

Whilst in Korea, I was ‘roasted’ . ..

here is the process in Sudan .  . Dukahn
Read more on what else they do there – here

Superstitious/pagan/old wives’ tales, old fashioned – what else was thrown at the women who had tended successfully their families and their loved ones. It is part of all the older midwifery traditions in various cultures and needs to return.

You can work it out yourself – many have put information up on web sites. .

steaming room ready ‘Room’ set up to start a steam.
the bolster is to get the angle right – knees up means up perineum and also you can then (when you sit forwards) if female, feel the steam rising into your vaginal area. Yum!!

The old chair is not ideal – but all these were discovered rummaging around.

Ideally we would have a dedicated steaming pot /stool and area and use it daily.


  • Not if pregnant/ immediately after birth (give it 6 weeks)
  • trying to be in second half of cycle,
  • when bleeding/with period,
  • in an active infection,
  • or when we have devices or mesh added in within us.

Here is a great one site to look through and PLEASE download her free eBook.

Also see how the lovely stool is situated, and read the info

and also here – a kitchen variety steam and information

Alternative positions

Suzi steaming 1Suzi steaming 2

With blanket/towel around you to keep the steam)

An irreverent modern day misses’ version of an old Korean practice – an enlightening look into one woman’s first ‘v steam’ here.

Another spa offering V steams .

Post partum care including V steams

Doctors may disagree (they have little idea of how to help a body heal naturally as it is outside their scope of practice)- here is an answer to this

In addition I would strongly suggest that you visit with someone who has done the Maya massage courses so they can do a complete healing for you.

Working for men

male-steamng-chair copyThe steams are also incredibly soothing, especially if there is any structural/ prostate or digestive component to your dis-ease.

Please look to the Power Point on this page 

I have a section on men’s work.

So easy to make. So soothing on all levels . . .

Just make sure you ‘dress’ it up as in the presentation above – and there is a section on men’s health on this. Enjoy!!


Perhaps get the taking out the cold package and there is a massive perineal steaming information pack – and you can also relieve your body of all the extra cold that was not supposed to be there – resulting in your need to be steamed in the first place – let’s retrieve folk lores and home remedies and granny medicine before it is all too late – all time tested!


Better still . . .we have a steaming room in the clinic – all ready for you – usually as part of the intensive packages

Come in and experience . .all ages and stages and a great help for all who wish to feel like themselves again!