Yang Xu (deficient)

To recap

The energy that allows us to be active, vital and responsive to external stimuli is called Yang Qi.

It roughly corresponds to the western concept of ‘metabolism’.

Food Factory – can’t do much if it is not happy


Yang Qi:

  • allows us to transform food and fluids
  • circulates everything
  • keeps us warm
  • keeps tissues, organs, Blood and babies in place
  • protects us from all aspects of harm.


What happens when Yang Qi is wasted?

1. We can’t get motivated – we lose our ‘oomph’ and our libido

2. We ‘catch’ everything that is going around – and/or do not seem to recover properly

3. We have less energy – our energy is used up trying to keep us warm.
We may be told we have low thyroid symptoms, or/and we’re suffering adrenal fatigue and/or exhaustion

4. We become colder – it is as though our inner furnace has forgotten how to do the job

5. We are unable to keep warm ­– our ‘oven’ temperature is set too low. We reach for warm and sweet things to try to warm us

6. We are less nourished – we can’t digest/assimilate food well. We have food sensitivities and allergies.
Our digestive system starts having hypoglycaemic attacks and we need to keep topping ourselves up, or we get very irritable and we ‘lose the plot’. Conditions of low blood pressure, low blood sugar and low thyroid function result.

7. Everything slows down – we can no longer circulate fluids as well as we could, resulting in growths of nodules and masses – or we dry out.
We experience constipation and general fluid build up everywhere, as our entire system slows down.

We are told we are ‘ageing’.


Look to the BBT information as helping yourself is as easy as restoring wellness.

Helpful tip (from my 2005 Birthing – What Dads Can Do presentation)


How to help yourself?

Here is one deliciously effective tip

Also see the sacral moxa fan info and how to use a moxa stick here

Rescue yourself?

Stop feeling so cold?
Upset as your adrenals/thyroid are not working?

(No surprises there – fluoride in the water is not helping anyone).

How can they/you be well – the invasion of our bodies is accelerating?

Here we move into what to do

Fix it – take out what is not supposed to be there – and allow normal to re-establish.

The Self Care pack will allow you to assimilate all that is not working – regardless of your best efforts.

Maybe STOP looking for external advice.
Listen to your body and the wisdom you have always carried.
Clear yourself out – and maybe then your body can have a chance of healing.